Technology that’s easy at home can become a burden on holiday—whether it’s too big, too heavy, or helpless when you’re away from a speedy Internet connection. Below are our top five recommendations for holiday-friendly gadgets that can add to your holiday experience rather than hinder it:

1. Smart Tablet or IPad

These are handy holiday companions – you can download maps, webpages, music, TV shows or movies to watch later without an internet connection, and they’re great for browsing the internet when you are connected. They’re lightweight and versatile and a great gadget to have to hand no matter where you holiday.

2. Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker is a great gadget to take along with you – you can avoid cables and, again, keep your tech lightweight with a small but powerful speaker. They’re very handy for music when camping or staying in a caravan, and there’s no need for an internet connection if you’ve downloaded your music playlists – just connect via Bluetooth!

3. Good Quality Torch

Any seasoned campers will tell you, a good quality torch is an important gadget to have handy! There are many different ones available so think about where you’ll be camping or staying and find a match. Solar powered torches are popular as it saves having to carry extra batteries – but check the weather during your stay first!

4. Go-Pro

Go-Pro’s have become very popular and are a great gadget for holidays, especially if you’ll be doing any activities like hiking or nature trails. They can take photos and videos, and you can also get waterproof versions too. They’re a great gadget for making memories of your holiday.

5. Multi-Purpose Adaptor

Save on taking multiple cables on holiday with a multi-purpose adaptor. You can find these in most camping or technology stores and they usually contain adapter ends to connect to today’s most popular tech products including Apple Lightning, Apple 30 pin, and micro USB.

This list is not exhaustive, and you may consider different gadgets depending on where you’re going, who with, and what you’ll be staying in! It can be hard to weigh up what is the best tech to take on holiday with you, but thinking about what will be helpful, usable and add to your holiday experience is a great starting point.

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