A family camping or caravan trip is something every family should experience at least once! It can be a really fun and unique experience, especially for curious young minds. Below are our top five tips for travelling with children to make sure you all have a relaxed vacation:

1. Be Prepared for the Journey

The phrase ‘are we there yet’ is inevitable on long journeys with children! Prepare your young ones for the trip by making sure they have a variety of suitable car activities – iPads and tablets are great for movies and games, activity books and other car games like ‘I Spy’ where everyone can join in can make the journey fun too! Set expectations with older children about the trip and the length of time you’ll be travelling for, and for younger ones make sure you take have frequent stops to stretch everyone’s legs and alleviate restlessness.

2. Get them Involved

When you arrive on site, get your children involved in setting up camp – assign them suitable jobs and tasks, like blowing up the air mattress, shaking out the sleeping bags or setting up tables and chairs. Simple tasks will keep them engaged and busy so you can focus on the bigger stuff, and helps your children feel a part of the experience.

3. Plan for the Weather

Check the weather forecast before you go and plan suitable activities – if you know it’s going to be raining for a couple of days, think about games and activities your children can do inside the tent or caravan that will keep them busy, or find an indoor centre for the day – there are usually children’s centres or activity centres nearby campsites but do your research before you go.

4. Teach them Campsite Courtesy & Safety

Nothing can ruin a holiday with children more than disgruntled camping neighbours so it’s a good idea to set a few ground rules for your children. This is as much for their own safety and can include things like walking around other people’s camp pitches, not running through them, keeping noise to a minimum in the early morning and after dark, and keeping away from other people’s camp fires unless you’re with them.

5. Plan Unique Adventures

A camping holiday is a great opportunity to take a break from the digital world and get your children involved in some really unique experiences. Star gazing, night time nature hikes, fresh water swimming, bush tucker walks – research what’s available near your campsite and plan for some memorable activities.

Preparation is key when travelling with children, and planning for days indoors and outdoors will help you and your children have a great time.

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